Minnesota Candidates

Management Resource Solutions Inc(MRSI) has been doing extensive work in the Minnesota market. We have surfaced several seasoned and qualified nurses that specialize in long term care. These candidates are confidentially open to making a change. Some of their career highlights include:

RN Director of Clinical ServicesMoving to Bloomington, MN

  • RN with 20+ years’ experience in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Memory Care, CCRCs and TCU
  • Excellent tenure – With one company for almost 15 years
  • 5+ years’ Regional Nurse Consultant experience
  • Has never had a high-level tag in any survey she has been part of
  • History of increasing census wherever she goes
  • Moving back to Bloomington, MN from another state, but already has MN license and has worked in MN before

Director of Nursing in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing – Wright County, MN   

  • RN with 25+ years’ experience in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living
  • 10+ years’ DON experience
  • 7+ years’ Regional experience
  • Excellent tenure – Was with one company for 15 years and another company for 7 years
  • Worked their way up throughout their career – CNA, Floor RN, Charge Nurse, RN Supervisor, Director of Nursing, and  Regional Nurse Consultant
  • Excellent survey history – Great relationship with the State Surveyors
  • Reputation of increasing census wherever they go – Increased one facility’s census by 25% in less than a year
  • Wants to work closer to home, as the current commute is over 2 hours

Director of Health Services – Assisted Living – Pine County, MN   

  • RN with 10 + years’ experience in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living
  • For the last 4 years has been Director of Health Services for a large Assisted Living facility
  • Increased census by more than 33%
  • Turned around a facility that was in jeopardy of being shut down due to major compliance issues
  • Loves to educate nurses and care staff
  • Moving to Pine County from another part of Minnesota

These candidates are immediately available to interview. For further information on any candidates listed above or other available Candidates in your area please call 877-305-8218 and contact Brittany at X224.