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Now is an excellent time to take the next step forward, or even a giant leap forward, in your nursing career. It’s also a good time to shift gears from one healthcare area to another, rediscover your passion for your profession, or find a change of scenery. In the current environment, positions that were hopelessly out of reach a few years ago may now be within your grasp. The opportunities are there, but to take advantage of them, you need a world-class partner.

At Management Resource Solutions, Inc. (MRSI), we would love to add your name to our database of over one-million worldwide professionals. We work with you to fine-tune your resume and make yourself more marketable. Then, we connect you with employers that are looking for professionals just like you. We do not send candidates on wild-goose chases just to make ourselves look good. Instead, we work to partner candidates with their ideal LTC nursing and executive jobs. That way, everybody wins.

Employee Services We Offer

All successful placements, whether from the employee's perspective or the employer’s viewpoint, begin with a conversation. We talk to job seekers about their prior experience and their goals for the future. At MRSI, we want to know more about you than just the words on your resume.

That being said, your resume is absolutely critical. Most employers spend about six seconds looking at each resume. Because of our vast experience in the LTC nursing and executive jobs arena, we know what employers want to see and how they want to see it. So, we are uniquely well-suited to connect you with your next position.

During our initial conversation, we also confront any limitations you may have for a certain position. It’s best to know about these matters upfront, so you can turn your weaknesses into strengths, e.g., my time in a large hospital gives me additional perspective.

However, no one can help you with arguably the most important component of a stellar employee. Passion is something that cannot be faked or invented. You either have it or you don’t. If you have the passion to be an excellent LTC nurse or executive, we have the passion to assist you.

Great Careers Grow with MRSI

Looking to advance in your Long-Term Care Nursing or Executive Career? We can help.

Kinds of LTC Nursing and Executive Jobs Available

LTC facilities need a wide variety of employees to succeed. Since we are committed to the organization’s success, as well as your own, we offer a vast array of placement opportunities, including:

These nurses usually focus on short-term, high-maintenance care. Typical patients include those who just underwent major surgery or who struggle with a serious chronic illness. In addition to above-average pay, many facilities offer intensive orientation to their incoming acute care nurses.

These individuals normally work with elderly or disabled residents in an LTC facility. Assisted living nurses deal with the day-to-day issues these residents face, such as dementia, arthritis, or heart problems.

In many respects, a home health nurse is an assisted living nurse that works outside an LTC facility. Many nurses like the flexibility these positions offer. Hospice nurses often work in a similar environment. But the mindset is completely different.

This phrase is an umbrella term for services which only a Registered Nurse can provide. These services include many tasks common in the LTC environment, such as providing physical rehabilitation and dealing with serious illnesses.

Certification is a huge plus in any of these areas, and not simply because it demonstrates additional knowledge. Certification usually means that a nurse has an intense passion for a particular position and is committed to career growth in that area.

At MRSI, we constantly recruit C-level executives for nursing homes and other such facilities. There is a great demand in this area, and we are determined to do our part to fill it.

Why Choose Us

Many recruiters will email your resume and send you on interviews. But at MRSI, we want to make you a better candidate and a better person. Our commitment to you separates us from the rest. To take advantage of all the services we offer and learn more about available LTC nursing and executive jobs, go online today or call us at 877-305-8218.

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