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Vision, commitment, and hard work are behind everything we do at Management Resource Solution, Inc. (MRSI) We started this company with a vision. We're more than just a job placement firm that sends resumes to employers or sends people on interviews. Next, MRSI is about commitment. We specialize in Long-Term Care nurse and executive recruiting. That specialization gives you an edge. We successfully connect more employers and employees than anyone else in the LTC recruitment industry.

The first two pillars are nothing without the third pillar. We do not send out names or resumes just to meet a quota. We carefully consider each candidate and each facility to bring about the best possible match. You reap the benefits of our hard work with a long-term solution to your current and future needs.

How Traditional Hiring Methods Work

Many places view Long-Term Care nurse and executive recruiting as a numbers game. Send a resume often enough and, sooner or later, there is bound to be a match. This method is not entirely meritless, as many placement agencies perform thousands of matches. To back it up, many agencies have their candidates complete personality tests. Again, these tests can be insightful.

But there are some limitations. The average HR professional looks at a resume for 6 seconds before discarding or approving it. Similarly, the average job seeker usually spends less than 50 seconds reviewing a job posting. It’s impossible to get an accurate picture of a candidate or an opportunity in such a short time.

Personality tests often have the opposite problem. They are very lengthy and, quite frankly, boring. As a result, the information they provide is often distorted or unclear.

As a result, both employers and employees make a significant number of decisions based on their "gut feeling" or on their emotions. There is simply not enough reliable evidence, or the human factor is missing. Therefore, a significant number of Long-Term Care nurse and executive recruiting matches are failures.

Great Hires Start with MRSI

Management Resource Solutions is the leader in Staffing Services for the LTC Industry.

Better Matches with MRSI

At MRSI, our goal is to make as many quality job placements as possible. So, we do not try to change the way people read employment materials. Instead, we change the materials into LTC-friendly formats. We know what areas of your job experience or available position to highlight. Better bait means a better catch.

Before we get to this step, we have a lengthy conversation with you. Instead of generic personality quizzes, we get to know our candidates on a personal level. Before we add a name to our vast database, we take the time to be sure that it truly belongs there. We only want the best of the best.

We’re dedicated to providing first-class information, so you make better decisions. In addition to a resume, we provide personal information that tells you about the person behind the resume. In our experience, this works much better for both job seekers and employers.

A Better Result with MRSI

LTC facilities have a very diverse patient population. So, they need a very diverse group of nurses and executives who are extremely well-qualified. Few people understand that need better than the professionals at MRSI. Contact us online or call 877-305-8218 today.

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