Colorado Candidates

Management Resource Solutions Inc. (MRSI) has been doing extensive work in the Colorado market. We have surfaced several seasoned and qualified nurses that specialize in long term care. These candidates are confidentially open to making a change. Some of their career highlights include:

Director of Nursing:Colorado Springs Area

  • Masters prepared Nurse with 15+ years experience in Skilled Nursing; 6+ years DON experience
  • Proven tenure, 8+ years with current facility
  • ANCC Gerontological Nurse
  • Great survey results including Zero deficiency in 2017

RN MDS Director:Denver area

  • RN with 20+ years of experience in healthcare; 15+ years in MDS
  • Improved Case mix from .08 to 1.14, only has 10 Medicade beds
  • IDS 10 Code Certified
  • Great survey history (No tags in 2018, and has never had a major tag)
  • Proven tenure — current facility for 6+ years and previous facility 10+ years

RN MDS Coordinator:North Denver/ South Boulder area

  • RN with 10+ years of experience in Skilled Nursing Facilities; 4+ years as MDS Director
  • Currently generating 200k per week in Medicare reimbursements by timely completion of correct MDS coding
  • Implementing new PDPM and educating RNS, LPNs & CNAs on appropriate charting and documentation
  • Leads care planning conferences, QAPI & PIP Implementation, ICD-10 Documentation and coding


These candidates are immediately available to interview. For further information on any candidates listed above or other available Candidates in your area please call 877-305-8218 and contact Brittany at X224.