Ohio Candidates: Long Term Care

Management Resource Solutions Inc(MRSI) has been doing extensive work in the Ohio market. We have surfaced several seasoned and qualified Long Term Care professionals. These candidates are confidentially open to making a change. Some of their career highlights include:

MDS/Regional MDS – Cleveland area 

  • 15+ years’ MDS Coordinator experience
  • 3 years’ Regional MDS experience
  • Helped improve facility star rating to 5 stars
  • Received 100%  compliance score from the State of Ohio Medicaid
  • Increased payment per person per day by 25%
  • Increased quarterly CMI scores to 3.0 or better
  • Brings in almost 1.75 million in revenue every month
  • Trains Nurses and CNAs
  • Assists in putting systems and policies in place

Director of Nursing / Regional Nurse ConsultantCincinnati area

  • RN with 20+ years’ Skilled Nursing experience
  • 16 years Director of Nursing experience
  • 2 years of Regional Nurse Consultant experience
  • Excellent tenure – Average length of employment well over 5 years with each company
  • Has had several deficiency-free surveys in her time as DON – When she doesn’t get deficiency-free, it is usually just 1 or 2 low-level tags
  • Builds strong loyal teams that stay with her – History of very low turnover
  • Strong clinical skills – able to care for high acuity residents

Interim DON/Interim ADON/Interim MDS – Columbus area – open to anywhere in the state

  • 20+ years’ RN experience
  • Several years’ Interim and Agency work as ADON, MDS, and DON
  • Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Highly educated – Masters’ of Nursing Education, Bachelors’ in Nursing, and Bachelors’ of Health Services Administration
  • Licensed in Ohio, Indiana, California, and Missouri

These candidates are immediately available to interview. For further information on any candidates listed above or other available Candidates in your area please call 877-305-8218 and contact Brittany at X224.

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